This project is an exhibit of 2-D and 3-D original artworks by artist Gerard Delaney.

My art for this project lives in a world that is outwardly contemporary, yet dances with mid-century modern and pop art, some created with a visually changing aesthetic depending on the vantage point, and some using LED lighting to elevate the statement. Overall, my intention is to present an exhibit that is as playful as it is thoughtful. I work in a variety of media, however unconventional and repurposed materials are a large component of my expression for this exhibit.

This body of work consists of 25-30 pieces, of which five are 3-D sculptures. All have the common thread of utilizing a variety of nontraditional materials in an elevated way. The works incorporate a graphic, abstracted aesthetic, full of color and texture. Humble every day materials such as discarded plastics, print media, cardboard, and deconstructed aluminum cans marry with a variety of modern mediums (resin, micro glitter, LED lights. Etc.), creating an elevated presentation which has a layered allure.

Many of the pieces were born conceptually from the evolving topics society is juggling (inclusion, diversity, environment) translated into graphic representations beyond just being aesthetically pleasing. The materials themselves are part of this overall conversation, as will be narrated in artwork statements accompanying the presentation of the works. 

The monies from this grant as well as public contributions will support not only materials, but also overhead including new workspace devoted towards my professional development to take myself to the next level of more active positioning in my professional art career.

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